Thursday, January 20, 2011

Life's a ball!

Today I discovered the marvelousness of yarn balls. I know, totally dumb and elementary stuff, but I really hadn't thought about it. I started out using Lion Brand yarn, which is skeined (skeined?) in such a way that you can't pull out the end from the middle of the skein (at least not easily - I have yet to figure out a way, so I say it doesn't exist). So while working on a project, your skein rolls around all over, tension is randomly messed up, etc., etc. Since it was the first type of yarn that I used, I didn't realize that it was so annoying until I got some Caron yarn, with a very easy to pull, middle-of-the-skein end of yarn. Love it. Going back to Lion Brand is frustrating to say the least. So...yarn ball. I rolled a bunch of my Lion Brand and they look so nice and pretty (and now easy to crochet with)! My fat brown speckly yarn is so luscious, right?

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