Friday, January 21, 2011


My sister-in-law Maegen (LOVE her!) is a pretty great knitter. She actually inspired me to really start doing yarnish things. Well, she had a little hat with a hole in it that she was trying to fix, and she decided she would probably just have to cover the hole up with something. I suggested a crochet flower, and she, of course, loved my genius idea! So I proceeded to show her (which I was very excited about, since she is amazing, and I am totally not) an easy flower pattern that I had found. Later, she told me she couldn't use that pattern because it was basically junk. When I had done some flowers with it, I used a chunky yarn, but when she had tried with smaller yarn, the flower turned out holey and dumb-looking. Determined to fix this horrible suggestion, I went hunting for a better flower pattern. I found this tutorial and whipped up a handful of these cute little flowers in about half an hour. I sewed one on a hair clip, and my 4-year-old daughter loves them! Adorable!

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