Monday, August 15, 2011

Big changes!

Wow! I can't believe the summer is gone and I haven't done a blog post in almost 2 months. It's been a very busy summer with two new nephews born and a niece coming in October. I've been working hard on spoiling my nephews and can't wait to meet the newest born just a couple of weeks ago.
Aside from having a crazy busy summer, we have a lot of exciting things happening this fall in our family. Sweet Miss Sydney is starting KINDERGARTEN. What?! I still thought she was a wee babe. I am going to absolutely LOSE IT on her first day. She got into the new French Dual Immersion program at our elementary school, and I am way proud and excited for that. She is also starting ballet in September. Dylan is going to go back to swimming lessons to continue to work towards participating in swim team at our local rec center. And my husband is starting EMT training next week. Holy holy holy.
With Sydney starting school, I have decided to (re)start school, too! I went for one year before I got married 8 years ago. My goal was to earn a Music Ed. degree and become a high school choir director. I totally wish I could do that. But, having a family and being a Music major don't really mesh. There are tons of required things outside of class - participation in an ensemble (sometimes two), private instrument lessons, and attending all school concerts. I know there are a lot of wives/moms that can pull that stuff off, but I'd rather see my kids after school. So I'm going to work on my second choice, which I've actually gone back and forth on with music for a long time - Nursing! I am SO excited to be going back to school! I got one of my books in the mail on Saturday, and I've already read two chapters - and it's a TEXTBOOK. I'm a nerd. And so happy!
As you can tell, another thing that has changed is my blog. I am way inspired by awesome blogs like delia creates, MADE, and no big dill. Their simple, streamlined looks make me happy, so I'm a little bit of a copycat. But I'm cool with that.
Anyway, I'm excited for our new adventures, and I promise that I will have a completed project to share soon. Thanks for reading!