Monday, May 9, 2011


My first born came into our little family 7 years ago! I can't believe how much he has changed my life, and all for the better! Funds are a little low this year, so we couldn't have a party, but we did have a mini-party with just us, Aunt Kirsten, and Grandma and Grandpa via Skype! It was pretty awesome.
Firstly, Dylan's birthday is May 6th, and I got paid on May 5th. So, I had a limited amount of time to purchase gifts. Luckily, Sydney and I were able to go to Target while he was at school on Friday, and got everything we needed in one trip (rare)! Oh, wait. I didn't have any wrapping paper. I figured that out exactly 30 minutes before it was time to open presents. No time to go get any, so I had to make do with what I had. I also forgot wrapping paper for Sydney's birthday this year, and ended up "wrapping" her presents in the Target bags they were purchased in. I am the worst mother. Well, Dylan mentioned that fiasco, and hinted that he would not be happy if he had grocery bag-wrapped presents, so I had to think of something else. The last time I was using my allowance at the fabric store, for some reason I decided to get a big bunch of felt sheets. So I had those laying around, as well as some random big pack of tissue paper (I know, no wrapping paper, but a whole unopened pack of white tissue paper, right?). And I always have yarn, of course. So...
I love accidental successes! I used a Sharpie marker to draw simple block letters on my felt sheets and cut them out. Then I wrapped each present in about 5 sheets of tissue paper (so it wasn't completely see-through), tied white yarn around the package, and tied my little felt letter to the top. Dylan LOVED his wrapping paper. I brought down the pile of presents before we had dinner (mostly for incentive to eat dinner quickly), and Dylan insisted on laying the gifts out on the floor in the correct order before we ate. Then he just looked at them for a minute. I was so happy!
The 'A' was my fave.
After dinner, opening presents, and the Skype party, we had these awesome little treats. Dylan wanted me to make these for his entire school class, and I was reluctantly willing. Then after purchasing all the things I needed, I double-checked with the teacher, and she said we could only bring store-bought treats. Oh,, darn! So I ended up making them for just us (and only having to make six instead of 24). They turned out SO incredibly amazing! They really weren't that hard, and they were super cute and delicious! Here's the recipe:
I love it when things don't work out how you expected, but end up way better!

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  1. those presents are so adorable! I might have to steal that idea from you someday :)
    The cupcakes are cute too. It looks like Dylan had a really fun birthday!